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 Basilica of St. Paul Outside the Walls, in Rome

Up-to-date information on this Basilica and on St. Paul. (

 Bernard Lonergan Website
Dedicated to the ongoing work of Canadian philosoper and theologian Bernard Lonergan. Contains links to Lonergan centres around the world. (
 Call to Action USA
Organized after US Bishops sponsored the original "Call to Action" gathering in 1976 in Detroit, this organization of over 20,000 has been advocating for justice in the church society for over twenty years. (
 Camino de Santiago
This site combines panoramic images for a 360 degree view of locations on the Way of St. James in France and Spain. (
 Canadian Christian Meditation Community
The purpose of this site is to provide information about Christian Meditation in Canada today. (
 Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB)
The official website of the Canadian bishops. (
 Canadian Council of Churches
The official website of the Canadian Council of Churches. (
 Canadian Website on New Roman Missal Translation
The Canadian bishops' conference announced the launch of a new website aimed at educating the country's faithful on changes to the Roman Missal. (
 Catholic Culture
The mission of Catholic Culture is to give faithful Catholics the information, encouragement, and perspective they need to become an active force for renewal in the Church and in society. (
 Catholic Network for Women's Equality
Mission: to enable women to name their giftedness and from that awareness to effect structural change in the Church that reflects the mutuality and coresponsibility of women and men within that church. (
 Catholic News Agency
A Catholic news agency based in the United States (
 Catholic World Report
Catholic World Report is an online news magazine that tells the story from an orthodox Catholic perspective. After more than 20 years as the leading Catholic journal of news, analysis, and commentary, CWR moved its hard-hitting content entirely online, free to all readers without a subscription, in January 2012. (
 Catholics Come Home
An apostolate in the New Evangelization program (
 Catholics for a Changing Church (UK)
Catholics for a Changing Church was founded in the wake of Humanae Vitae in 1969 and now concerns itself with the wider issues of renewal and the unfinished business of Vatican II, particularly by publishing inexpensive, stimulating and challenging booklets by leading Catholic writers.(
 Church's Response to the Abuse of Minors
A new section of the Vatican website consisting of Pontifical and other documents outlining the Church's response to the current crisis (
 Corpus Canada
A faith community empowered by baptism in Jesus' Spirit, dedicated to renewal in the Church of ordained ministries open to married and unmarried men and women, and professing a vision of Church that includes all people who profess faith in Jesus Christ. (
 Corpus Canada Link
An internet bulletin board for Corpus Canada members and any other interested people to discuss topics of interest. (

 Corpus USA
Corpus is the Association for an Inclusive Priesthood, which rooted in a strong Eucharistic commitment, promotes an expanded and renewed priesthood of married and single men and women in the Catholic Church. (
 Course in the Afterlife
A Course in "The Afterlife of the Spiritworld", as described in Betty Eadie's "Embraced by the Light", is being offered - at no charge - after the 10:30 a.m. Sunday service, beginning October 31, 2011 at Crescent Fort Rouge United Church, 525 Wardlaw Ave., Winnipeg, Manitoba.  For more information, telephone 204-487-3553, or email ADELINE.LEONARD.SCHMIDT@SHAW.CA
 Culture et Foi
Online e-Magazine highlighting current news and events pertaining to Culture and Faith. (

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